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Oct 23, 2014 | Resources

Many times we are asked by clients about “SEO” or search engine optimization. This simple request often leads to a conversation about how search engines work, and what you can do as a website owner to optimize your site.

Beyond tweaking code which is by far the most simple aspect of search optimization, the real work in improving your search rank is based on and around producing content.

This brings us to Content Marketing, sometimes referred to broadly as Search Engine Marketing.  At its core, content marketing is simply the act of creating targeted content (copy, images, video) and publishing it on the web.

Here’s how a simple content marketing campaign can help your website, and business utilizing all your marketing channels.

  • You create a 300-500 word article on some aspect of your business. News, tips, resource articles, case studies, etc.  The key is to make it useful and relevant to your potential customer.
  • Publish this article on your website and archive old articles.
  • Use that article as the main feature of your email (and print) newsletter.
  • Post on your Facebook business page wall a link to the article on your website and pose a question or request to your fans.
  • Post across all the social networks you participate: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – Engage your audience on each network using best practices.
  • Pursue getting this content published locally, either in a trade magazine, newspaper, or local publication.

The list above can be much longer, but this simple outline shows the basic idea.  You create unique, compelling content, and then use that across your various marketing channels.

You may be asking. how does this all affect your search engine rank?  Each step in the outline above comes with it search engine benefit. Search engines like Google and Bing love new content and will boost your rank each time it detects new content on your website. The links from your Facebook page and social networks are also factored by the search engines when determining your rank.  The more your content is engaged on social media, the higher your site will rank.

Once you start this process, you’ll start to see how this content affects your rank, and you’ll be able to refine your process to produce even more compelling and effective content.

What you want to avoid, is blasting content out to these channels in a one-way, broadcast only nature.  Treat each channel (website, email, social media) with respect and add the content on each network by hand.  This will make it authentic to your users, which in turn by their actions (sharing your content) will ensure that search engines reward you.

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