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Business of the Month – Pleasant Bay Trading Company

Update: Pleasant Bay Trading Company has closed and subsequently we’ve removed images and links within this article. This was profile was published in 2010.

Pleasant Bay Trading Company Orleans, Cape Cod
: Dan and Diane Davis

We opened March 20 of 2009.  Being a business owner is something I have always wanted to do and decided why not go for it.  We decided to sell reproduction furnishing because this is a design that I have always loved.

When purchasing our house in East Orleans we were trying to furnish the house in an upscale primitive look. We had a hard time finding pieces to fit that era.  So we thought that this area needed a place like ours.  My husband Dan is a local builder in Orleans and surrounding areas and with his love for old wood and his  talent for making beautiful tables he decided to make custom tables out of  antique wood found around the  New England Area.

We also searched high and low for all  our products. I had a vision of a certain look and after numerous trips to Pennsylvania and other parts of the country we found them.

We are very proud of our products in which many of our items are made in the USA.  We carry Lawrence Crouse Windsor chairs which is a company out of west Virginia. They are just a  good looking , comfortable chair. Built as they would have been built two hundred years ago. All Joints are wedged or pinned: the bottoms are jack-planed and some have hand carved scrolls and knuckles. Their crackle and worn paint finishes provide a patina that gives the appearance of textured and age. Their Windsor chairs, like everything they build are examples of functional artistry.

We also carry floorcloths made by various artist. These are very durable and are great in a kitchen or entry area. The floorcloths were used in the 18th century to insulate floors of the less wealthy, and were often made in diamond patterns that imitated more expensive marble flooring. And of course, it wasn’t long before floorcloths made their way overseas and into the homes of some very well know Americans. It is recorded that George Washington purchased one from Robert and Co. in 1796 at a cost of $14.82. We also know that Thomas Jefferson owned at least two, one in the dining room and a rather large, green one in the great hall of the  Presidential Mansion, because he wanted to bring the outdoors indoors.

Our Trade signs are made by an artist from Pennsylvania and we are very proud of them. People love them in their homes. They add a bit of whimsical to a room. Made from old found boards and hand painted.
Our lights are by Carriage House Lighting and Lt. Moses Willard Lighting. Both from the USA

Pottery by Barn Hill Pottery in Chatham.

We also just added a new company from Pennsylvania that make tables out of new wood, cherry, pine,oak, maple. Some people like different style tables meaning , round, hinged and different woods.

We have many items to add a bit of charm to your and home and your table. Inspiration: For many years I have collected antiques and looked at numerous books with primitive style actually I think it has been 20 years or more!!!!! I have always been drawn to this style and I never tier of it. We are always adding new item to the shop.

We advertise in Cape Cod View and Cape Cod Magazine, we knew we wanted an upscale magazine. Also we belong to the Orleans Chamber of Commerce and attend many of the meetings. It is a good way to network with fellow business people. And of course word of mouth.

We have used COLEwebdev to go on line to sell our products. They have been so helpful in the process of starting an on line store. Being that when I first asked Desiree about an on line store I thought the process would be difficult ,but Desiree and Josiah have guided me thought the whole thing. We are very happy we made the decision to go with them. We wanted a professional on- line site and they have done just that.