Content is King

May 26, 2016 | Resources

We’ve touched on this subject before, mostly when talking about search engine optimization as content plays an essential role in improving rank. But oftentimes, in the rush to improve a ranking, we miss that content is first and foremost for the user, not the search engine bot.

We perform website maintenance on our own website once a week. Each Friday, I have a task scheduled where I backup, update, clean, and generally work on our own website. After doing this for an extended period of time, what we found is that the “busy work” or routine maintenance becomes less and less, freeing up time to focus on improving other aspects of the site, such as the content.

This week I turned my eye to the Web Software page of our site. The old page was merely adequate and offered only a couple paragraphs of copy generally describing our software services.

After reviewing the page, I made the following goals for the new version:

1. Better describe how we approach software. Highlight the 4 approaches.
2. Break up the copy with bullet points to make it easier to digest and read.
3. Add images to add visual interest, and break up copy further.
4. Add a specific (to software) lead form which will serve as the call-to-action.

To begin, I started within our design software and made myself a mockup. This allowed me to freely create, without feeling as though I was hampered by the existing layout, or focusing on the code whereas I should be focusing on the message. Below is the mockup I made myself:

Once I had my mockup created, I set up about creating the new page within WordPress, adding the content, and then the bulk of my time was spent styling the content, to match my mockup. Because our site is responsive, I had to style not only the full desktop version but also the tablet and mobile versions, which adds significant time to the overall process.

The total time invested was 1 hour for the mockup and 2 hours for the build and styling. Total of 3 hours, which if I was paying someone (myself) would have cost $225. Content is what sells our service, or product, so investments in content like this are valuable long term.


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