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Top 10 Techy Gift Ideas


We would like to wish all of our enewsletter subscribers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This past month has been a very busy one for us, and we are very happy with how much our business has grown in 2013. We are very excited to begin working on new projects as the new year begins and we hope to see all of your at our new office soon!

Top 10 Techy Gift Ideas

Compiled by our very own WEBmaster, Josiah Cole.

1. Useless Box Kit – My first pick was easy, as I’ve already bored my friends and family with video after video of this amazing Useless Box in action. Perfect for the geek in your life who doesn’t mind assembling and some light soldering.

2. Exothermic Crystallization Reusable Hand Warmers – Geeks love chemical reactions and when combined with something useful (unlike gift #1) it makes them even more special. These hand warmers are cool (actually hot) and are reusable to keep your hands warm during all night gaming sessions.

3. Coin – Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a gift you don’t get until summer of 2014. But for that uber start-up geek in your life who has too many cards in their wallet, Coin is too cool to pass up.

4. Bitcoin Miner – Chances are you haven’t heard of Bitcoin, but the geek in your life already has and has probably co-opted every spare computer in your house to mining this new digital currency. Speed up the process (and save your electricity bill) by upgrading to a ASIC miner (don’t worry, your geek will know what that means too)

5. Minecraft Light-Up Torch – Chances are if you have a son, nephew or maybe even an adult geek in your life, Minecraft is discussed early and often. Bring the game even closer to your physical life with this (officially licensed) wall-mountable torch.

6. Electronic Butterfly in a Jar – Amuse co-workers & children, horrify vegans and especially amuse your cats (and what geek doesn’t have cats?) for hours with this neat decorative toy.

7. Jedi Bath Robe – It wouldn’t be a geek gift round-up without some Star Wars themed gifts. Forget footie pajamas and snuggies, this Jedi bath robe is old school geek-cool and functional (Jedi powers not guaranteed when wearing robe)

8. Chromecast – This gift is more serious and cool than funny or a novelty. We use Chromecast in the office everyday and love it. Wirelessly Stream Netflix, Hulu or your browser tab to your TV with this inexpensive ($35) adapter from Google. Cheaper than Apple TV, perfect for Android smartphone owners.

9. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – We actually own one of these LifeStraws and bring it with us on camping trips, and to our living room to show off to bored family members. Best part is if you purchase a LifeStraw, a child in Africa receives clean water for an entire school year (no joke).

10. Pocket Chainsaw – Geeks love to be prepared, and while this final gift spot was a hard choice between a zombie apocalypse survival ax and this pocket wonder, I had to choose the pocket chainsaw for it’s all around usefulness. Yard work has never been so fun, or portable.

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