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Jun 15, 2016 | Resources


Usually, I wax on for hundreds of words about one tech topic I feel is relevant to our clients. This month I’m taking a break, mixing it up, and writing some quick notes, and news related to tech. Let us know what you think!

  • MySpace Hacked:  You might be wondering to yourself “what year is this?” but MySpace is again making news this time for an old hack, that was recently made public when the database of stolen accounts was offered for sale online.  This is relevant because even though the hack is old, many people still use the same email and password combinations – giving hackers a huge advantage when targeting active profiles.
  • Zuckerberg Hacked:  Not immune to hackers, even someone as wealthy, tech-savvy, and protected as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook had his social profiles compromised.  The lesson here is: It could happen to you.
  • Snapchat Surpasses Twitter:  If you have tweens or teens in your household you no doubt have at least heard of (or snuck a peek at your kids’ screen) Snapchat.  Offering self-destructing communications, the service has exploded past Twitter when measuring daily engagement (150M).  Businesses can use Snapchat now, so ask the closest teen for a 5 min tutorial and snapstreaking.
  • Uber Raises 3.5 Billion from Saudi Arabia:  Not hugely noteworthy (beyond the $ figure) but Uber took in $3.5 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.  More noteworthy in the political and finance realm is the fact that SA holds over $750 billion in US debt (some suggest it’s 2-3x as large), a long time arrangement between the two countries dating back decades.
  • Slack:  I call Slack a YAER, which is my personal acronym for “yet another email replacement”.  Some of you may have seen their TV commercials, which is rare for business tech service, but Slack is dominating the buzz and converting the tech crowd to its model of communication (read: Email is dead, long live chat).  My opinion?  Seen it, been there.  While we all loathe email, the idea that we’ll all change our work process to use media-rich chatrooms is …. optimistic (to put it lightly).

Random links:  Not related to tech necessarily, but here’s some neat stuff I found in the last week:

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