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Oct 20, 2016 | Resources

With the launch of our new product, and business I was provided with the opportunity to take my own advice and build a social media presence on Twitter for You Do It Suet®.

Starting from the ground up is always a difficult position to be.  With 0 initial followers, it’s hard to be creative, fun and consistent with your social media posts, and the process can leave you discouraged as you slowly chip away and build followers.

I thought it would be helpful to other business owners, considering Twitter or any social network to get an idea of my daily (yes daily) Twitter Playlist.

Every day at the COLEwebdev (and YDIS!) offices I log into Twitter and crank through a list of tasks that keep our Twitter feed well-fed, and active.  I try not to spend more than 30 minutes doing this, however, as your follower count increases, extra time spent can be well justified if it results in increased sales.

  1.  Login to Twitter in my browser.
  2. Review my Twitter feed and retweet, or like any interesting or applicable Tweets.
  3. Search Twitter for mentions of the keyword “suet” and “birding”.  Retweet and like applicable posts.  I bookmark these searches in my browser so I can with one-click, run them every day.
  4. Review my notifications.  If anyone mentions us, retweets or likes one of our posts, I return the favor by thanking/liking their posts.  I also have the app on my phone, which notifies me instantly of these actions allowing me to respond immediately.
  5. Post an original, new post.  I try to include a photo, and link to our website with all my posts.  Topics may include the following:
    1. Company news and announcements.
    2. Helpful resources or tips on our website.
    3. Casual, behind the scenes photos and updates to give the audience an honest and authentic view of YDIS.
    4. Promotional or traditional marketing messaging.  “YDIS makes a great gift for backyard chicken owners!” etc.
  6. Review Twitter Search Trends, and Google Search Trends for relevant news that I can “piggyback” off.  I’ll identify hashtags (#WorldEggDay) and craft a unique post that utilizes the hashtag and promotes YDIS.  Example recent post.
  7. Find new accounts to follow.  Managing my own feed is important, to not only supply me with relevant content to retweet (see #2) but also as a vehicle to get YDIS noticed.  When you follow someone, they get notified (pinged) and it’s a great way to get noticed by and/or flatter someone relevant to your business.

If you’re locally based, using Twitter’s advanced search to find posts in your area is another great way to find, locate, and network with your potential customers.  When we built COLEwebdev, I started by following everyone on Cape Cod who was tweeting.  Back in 2009, there weren’t many, but soon I had a network of hundreds of local Cape Codders which not only provided me with great news and content but also allowed me to network and expand our reach.

It’s worth noting that Desiree runs our Facebook page.  Another one of my tasks is to check out her posts and cross-post the content onto Twitter.  I rely on this technique when my time is limited, or when Desiree posts a particularly great post – such as an award!

Lastly, despite (and because of) my efforts, our YDIS follower count is still under 50 as of this post.  Over 600 posts (including retweets) is a lot of effort for this small of an audience, however there is only one path to building a huge following and that is one of consistency and creativity.  Just keep swimming!

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